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Here we presents you summaries of former "White Bears". Check out program books, press reports and much more about the various tournaments.


60th White Bear 2020

The list of defending champions is short at the "White Bear". Tristan Tulen from the Netherlands succeeded in doing what only four fencers before him have done so far: Taking home the coveted porcelain trophy from KPM twice in a row. Among the series winners are such illustrious names as Elmar Borrmann and Jörg Fiedler - and now also: Tristan Tulen. On the first day of competition of the 60th "White Bear of Berlin" with 220 fencers from 28 nations, the German fencers in particular had a good starting position for the final day... Read more

13th Little White Bear 2020

For the 4th time, the foil tournament for the "Little White Bear" will take place as part of the traditional tournament of the epee fencers. For the young fencers, this means that a participation in the final also means a fight on the big stage. Fencing in front of more than 500 spectators on the elevated track in the historic domed hall of the Berlin Olympic Park, including a moderated live stream, is probably unique in Germany. The number of entries is correspondingly pleasing: 72 competitors from Poland and Germany are a record number for the organising fencing club, Fecht-Club Grunewald Berlin e.V., which once again confirms the decision to combine young talent and tradition.... Read more

59th White Bear 2019

The countdown is on, on the 23rd and 24th of february 2019 the sports metropolis Berlin will again host the "White Bear". For the 59th time, the international epee tournament attracts fencers from all over the world to Berlin and making it one of the three oldest tournament series in the capital. After a three-year break, the Horst-Korber-Sport Center in the Glockenturmstraße at the Olympic Stadium is now the site of the fencing competitions. On 24 lanes, around 250 fencers fight for two days to the qualification for the semi-finals, which traditionally take place on Sunday afternoon as a gala finale in the historic dome hall in the House of the German Sport... Read more

12th Little White Bear 2019

Some of the participants of the 12th „Kleiner Weißer Bär“ gaped in astonishment, when they entered the Horst Korber sports center and saw 24 pistes and the men’s foil specialists who fought for the big “Weißer Bär von Berlin” at the same time. Quickly the focus returned to the own tournament where things also got wild. After all, the finals of the “Kleiner Weißer Bär” will also take place in the historic dome hall in front of a big audience... Read more

58th White Bear 2018

On 13th and 14th January 2018, the 58th "White Bear of Berlin" was held. The traditional tournament has attracted fencers and spectators to come to Berlin since 1960. Last time with a country record when participants from 32 nations crossed their blades. In 2018 the House is German Sports in the Olympic Park was again the venue of the "White Bear of Berlin". The exciting finals traditionally took place on Sunday in the historic Dome Hall... Read more

57th White Bear 2017

On 21st and 2nd January 2017 the 57th "White Bear of Berlin" took place. As the year before the venue was the House of German Sport in Olympia Park Berlin. The final battles started on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at 2pm in the historic dome hall. The unique atmosphere under the name giving dome, connected with fascinating fencing sport, were leave nothing to be desired for the spectators and sportsmen... Read more

56th White Bear 2016

244 men’s épée fencers from 24 nations found their ways to Berlin to fight for the „White Gold“ on the second January weekend, the desired trophy of the kingly porcelain manufacture Berlin. At the end of the tournament Niklas Multerer from Heidenheimer Sportbund 1846 e.V. was the dignified winner. His way to the podium lead via last years champion Frederik von der Osten (DEN), which he beat confidently. In a battle that was not to excel regarding tension against Richard Pokorny (CZE) only a few spectators were able to keep their seeds when Niklas finally won with 15:14. Christian “The Voice” Holzmacher ensured entertainment in the crowded dome hall... Read more



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